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glorious finale: xiling yinshe 2023 autumn auction triumphantly concludes, embarking on a majestic two-decade milestone journey!
time:2023/12/27   author:xlpm   source:xlpm  

on december 23, 2023, xiling yinshe's 2023 autumn auction concluded with resounding success, fueled by the enthusiastic participation of collectors from all walks of life. after three days of intense bidding, the total transaction amount reached 803 million yuan, with an overall transaction rate of 83.5%!

exhibiting elegance in discernment and a scholarly understanding, the auction meticulously curated a high-quality selection. with over 4,100 extraordinary items spanning various categories, it felt like a journey through time and space, allowing people to appreciate the richness and charm of art from different eras. the event showcased the solid foundation and vast prospects of china's art market, highlighting the substantial support and attention of collectors towards cultural endeavors.


open consignment for the 20th anniversary of xiling yinshe auction is now underway.

chinese paintings and calligraphy

xiling yinshe auction's chinese painting and calligraphy section continues its unwavering momentum, with a remarkable performance in the autumn auction featuring over 920 items and an impressive transaction rate exceeding 87%. in order to honor the trust placed in each entrusted treasure and to unveil the profound value of each item, xiling yinshe auction has consistently explored innovative ways of presenting items, earning unanimous praise from collectors and the market.

 the "from jinling to jingjiang: chinese painting and calligraphy special session" introduced a new level to regional art themes in classic painting and calligraphy, expanding significantly in terms of planning and research. as pioneers, xiling yinshe auction received an overwhelming response during the collection phase for this special theme. collectors generously contributed relevant treasures, allowing us to outline the complete artistic panorama of jinling and jingjiang. the value of the items was presented without reservation to collectors, resulting in a final special theme transaction amount exceeding 42 million yuan.


guo cunren, wei zhihuang, wei zhike, hu zongren, tang daoshi and wang xuan  landscape

starting price: rmb 2,000,000

sale price: rmb 4,025,000

placing the ming dynasty jinling six masters' jinling landscape scrolls within the context of regional art themes is crucial for grasping the unique regional significance encapsulated in the format of these six real landscape scenes mounted as a scroll. it is only through this contextualization that one can truly understand the jinling implications contained in the only two surviving ink traces by guo cunren, appreciate the regional pride expressed by the brothers wei zhihuang and wei zhike as they painted the dabao'en pagoda along the qinhuai river from different perspectives. this extraordinary piece ultimately achieved a transaction of 4.025 million yuan, with a premium exceeding one million yuan.

gao fenghan and li shizuo  the dragon pool and inscription

starting price: rmb 3,500,000

sale price: rmb 5,980,000

the collaboration between gao fenghan, born in jinling, and li shizuo, originating from jingjiang, resulted in "the dragon pool and inscription", a testament to the cultural exchange between jiaozhou in shandong and jiangning in jiangsu. in this scroll, gao fenghan, using the literary style of wu kuan and shen zhou, eminent scholars of the wu school, crafted an exquisite piece before suffering from paralysis in his right hand. this work stands as both a testament to his brilliance before his affliction and an effort to assimilate into the cultural sphere of jiangsu after his relocation. the scroll ultimately transacted for 5.98 million yuan, with a premium of nearly a million.

 in the classic calligraphy section, ni yuanlu's seven-character poem, composed after his failed attempt to secure a position during huang daozhou's recommendation and subsequent unsuccessful leave request, was sold for 4.83 million yuan. written during a period of intense frustration as ni yuanlu sought retirement but faced obstacles, the piece reflects his deep resentment towards corrupt officials, presented in a sharp and sword-like brushwork, making it a typical work from the early years of the chongzhen period.

ni yuanlu  seven-character poem in cursive script

starting price: rmb 3,500,000

sale price: rmb 4,830,000

manuscripts of ling and qing dynasties special section continues to maintain its formidable presence, boasting exceptionally high transaction rates and premiums. the opening piece, "letter" by wen zhengming to tang zhen, started with a bid of 180,000 yuan and ultimately transacted for 1.38 million yuan, exceeding a million yuan in premium. xiling yinshe auction meticulously delved into the origins of this letter, verified its date, and presented both its documentary and artistic value to the audience.

wen zhengming  letter

starting price: rmb 180,000

sale price: rmb 1,380,000

on the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary of the passing of lu yanshao, xiling yinshe auction has specially featured a collection from when lu yanshao was eighty years old. he created "paintings and calligraphy" for the couple zhao baorong and wang ying, consisting of twelve landscape paintings corresponding to twelve lines of poetry by du fu. with lu personally overseeing the titles, decoration, and inscriptions, this collection, the largest in size among works of the same theme, ultimately transacted for 18.17 million yuan, with a premium exceeding ten million yuan.

lu yanshao  paintings and calligraphy

starting price: rmb 6,000,000

sale price: rmb 18,170,000

"flowers on the yandang mountain", painted by pan tianshou, was previously owned by ye qianyu, treasured beyond measure. ye qianyu had repeatedly used this artwork as an exemplar in central academy of fine arts classrooms to explain the composition of chinese painting to students. he even shared encounters with this painting in his dreams. in the end, this piece was sold for 5.175 million yuan, with a premium of 1.175 million yuan.

pan tianshou  flowers on the yandang mountain

starting price: rmb 2,800,000

sale price: rmb 5,175,000

the enthusiastic response and support from collectors serve as the driving force behind xiling yinshe auction's continuous introduction of distinctive thematic auctions. it is the confidence derived from daring to persistently set academic guidance as its fundamental tone. in the coming year, xiling yinshe auction will embark on collectors' expectations with even deeper academic expertise, presenting each item in the most optimal manner!

important manuscripts and photographs

at 8:00 pm on the first day of the auction in the hangzhou hall, excitement filled the air as everyone eagerly awaited the resolution of a highly anticipated moment. the items from lot 441 to lot 595 in the correspondences of chen yuan the great historian special session feature over 700 letters, all bearing the seal of chen yuan. among them, the collection includes seventeen letters from chen yinke, as well as correspondences from scholars such as wang guowei, cai yuanpei, hu shi, and fu sinian, all addressed to the eminent historian chen yuan. these letters have been cataloged since 1990 and published in various collections of chen yuan's correspondence, forming a collection that seamlessly integrates artistic, documentary, and collectible value.

in order to preserve the integrity of the aforementioned literary treasures, we opted for a comprehensive bidding approach. after an intense and competitive bidding process that lasted for twenty minutes, this collection of rare and precious letters, unparalleled in the market in terms of visibility, specifications, and scale, was ultimately sold for 31.97 million yuan, setting a new world record for modern and contemporary letter manuscripts. the venue echoed with applause as a tribute to the late master chen yuan, homage to chen zhichao, the pioneer in organizing and publishing letter manuscripts, and acknowledgment of the colleagues dedicated to handwriting organization and historical material exploration.

in addition, the important manuscripts and photographs special session featured classic themes such as autographed works from renowned figures, old collections, correspondence manuscripts, calligraphic couplets, western handwritings, and artistic images. notable achievements were made, with all items, including qian zhongshu's handwritten collection of fifty poems and the unpublished version of his significant work "rare autograph poem manuscripts", as well as eight important manuscripts of xie wuliang's late-life custom poetry and prose, being successfully sold.

heartfelt gratitude to all collectors and friends in the academic community for your long-term support and attention. 

in 2024, as we enter the 15th year of the important manuscripts and photographs special session, let's embark on a new journey together!

zisha wares and fine tea

despite the chilly weather, the zisha wares and fine tea special session, featuring the standout purple clay teapot made by chen mingyuan, exuded a cozy warmth. the preview venue buzzed with a crowd of guests, and collectors, keen to lay eyes on the pristine teapots, flocked in continuously. the auction hall was jam-packed, with bidding heating up, ultimately securing an impressive high transaction rate of nearly 90% and a total transaction amount of 44.61 million yuan.

in recent years, xiling yinshe auction has presented several significant pieces from chen mingyuan's collection, and the arrival of the "wugou hu" (immaculate teapot) adds a historic touch to this narrative. from an academic perspective, "wugou" not only serves as the name of the teapot but also as a motto, enriching our scholarly approach to the inscriptions on literati yixing teapots and mingyuan's teapots over the years. once again, this reaffirms chen mingyuan's pioneering effort in systematically incorporating inscriptions into literati yixing teapot creations, laying a foundational role for the subsequent development of literati yixing teapots by later artists.

in the market, chen mingyuan's creation of the "wugou hu" in purple clay has received widespread acclaim from many contemporary master craftsmen. artists and passionate collectors alike have showered praise on its intricate craftsmanship and avant-garde aesthetics. the "wugou hu" fetched an impressive price of 21.6775 million yuan, showing the robust market foundation that xiling yinshe auction has built over the years in dealing with literati yixing teapots. the buyer's enthusiastic response underscores the significance and affection for this crucial antique yixing teapot in the circulating market.


moreover, other segments of the auction, including the red clay special session, the specially commissioned contemporary ceramicists' section by chongyatang, and the contemporary purple clay master changqing special session, all performed exceptionally well. every type of high-quality item found eager buyers, with premiums frequently surpassing expectations.

early qing dynasty  a purple clay teapot made by chen mingyuan

sale price: rmb 21,677,500

as xiling yinshe auction kicks off its 20th-anniversary collection drive, the purple clay department remains unwavering in its commitment to the ethos of "cultivating virtue through culture and passing down tradition through vessels." we wholeheartedly invite collectors to contribute top-tier literati teapots, imperial purple clay, exquisite red clay pieces, and distinctive works from contemporary masters and influential ceramicists. we look forward to joining hands with fellow collectors to preserve the essence of teapots, share the joy of appreciating ceramic art, and collectively enhance the market and academic value of literati yixing teapots.

seal cuttings by modern and contemporary chinese masters

in this fall auction, the section dedicated to seals and inkstones brings forth two compelling sessions: study series · fine inkstones and inksticks and study series · seal cuttings by modern and contemporary chinese masters. these sessions, as always, uphold a standard of high quality and popularity. the diversity of artistic styles on display is remarkable, with exceptional pieces making frequent appearances. the on-site atmosphere is vibrant, marked by a strong buying interest, and there's a notable presence of items commanding high premiums and setting record prices.

the session seal cuttings by modern and contemporary chinese masters is meticulously curated, placing a dual emphasis on the artistic and scholarly dimensions of seal carving. works embodying the huizong seal style, led by deng shiru, and those representing the zhe school of seal carving, exemplified by xiling yinshe, have gained considerable favor among collectors, creating a harmonious coexistence of two artistic peaks. furthermore, there is a deliberate effort to highlight the profound influence of literary cultivation on seal carving, aiming to uncover the literary and cultural values embedded in leisurely seals.


the highly anticipated items, including a brown qingtian stone seal engraved by deng shiru and a pair of qingtian stone seals engraved by wu rangzhi for zhang shubo's private use", both fetched impressive premiums during the auction. notably, a shoushan 'furong' stone 'chi' seal engraved by qi baishi for cao kun's private use set a new record for the highest price ever achieved for an artist-engraved seal.

qing dynasty  a pair of qingtian stone seals engraved by wu rangzhi for zhang shubo's private use

starting price: rmb 1,600,000

sale price: rmb 3,565,000

during the qing dynasty, wu rangzhi engraved a qingtian stone seal for zhang shubo's private use, and it was previously owned by wu daiqiu. this creation took place during wu rangzhi's refuge in taizhou to escape the war's unrest. throughout this period, wu rangzhi's artistic endeavors flourished, and his seal carving style matured, transitioning into a state of creative freedom. both seals, considering their artistic brilliance, size, and engraved characters, can truly be deemed as masterpieces.

the qingtian stone seal engraved by qi baishi bears the inscription "strong, earnest, solid, shining brightly”, drawn from the book of changes (yijing): "strength, earnestness, solidity; brightness renewed daily." the owner of the seal, cao kun, shared a profound and intimate friendship with qi baishi, serving as a patron and confidant. many of cao kun's personal seals were crafted by qi baishi, with this particular one being the most remarkable. it was auctioned for 4.715 million yuan, establishing a new record as the highest-priced qi baishi seal engraving.

a shoushan 'furong' stone 'chi' seal engraved by qi baishi for cao kun's private use

starting price: rmb 800,000

sale price: rmb 4,715,000

during the preview period, tong yanfang, vice president of xiling seal engraver's society, presided over an exclusive engraving appreciation event. the discussions delved into the evolution and development of deng school and zhe school, sparking lively conversations among the collectors present. notable figures, including tang cuncai, wu ying, and sang jianhua, directors of xiling seal engraver’s society, and qiao zhongshi, the curator of the china seal art museum, were in attendance, contributing to the vibrant atmosphere of the appreciation event.

fine inkstones

the fine inkstones and inksticks session started off with great excitement, fueled by the auction of the first item, an inkstone inscribed by yi chaodong. this inkstone, with an initial bid of 5,000 yuan, ultimately fetched an impressive 644,000 yuan, becoming the highest premium item of the entire session.

in the section dedicated to literati inkstones, star lots such as an inkstone inscribed by wu changshuo and collected by shen shiyou and an inkstone inscribed by wu changshuo and collected by wang wenbo also achieved substantial premiums. the inkstone, born from a special occasion when fu lao personally traveled to changshu to celebrate the birthday of a fellow enthusiast, recorded in the shen's inkstone collection, was sold for an impressive 3.8525 million yuan.

qing dynasty  an inkstone inscribed by wu changshuo and collected by shen shiyou

starting price: rmb 1,500,000

sale price: rmb 3,852,500

the inscriptions on the inkstone by wu changshuo and the song emperor duanzong's inkstone, collected by wang wenbo, hold not only legendary significance but also possess substantial historical and cultural value. the artifacts, including a lacquer box with wang wenbo's inscription and a wooden box with wu changshuo's inscription, are still preserved to this day.

during the ming dynasty, this inkstone was in the possession of tang shunzhi, a distinguished confucian scholar. eventually, his grandson tang xiaolian sold it for an equivalent value in gold. in the kangxi era, it found its way to wang wenbo, who named his study "ji yan" after the inkstone. wang wenbo also commissioned the renowned artist gu wenyuan to create a hand scroll titled "ji yan zhai tu" in the kangxi jiazi year, featuring inscriptions by contemporary literati. wang wan's contribution, "ji yan zhai ji" (records of ji yan zhai), became a renowned piece of its time and was included in the siku quanshu.

qing dynasty  an inkstone inscribed by wu changshuo and collected by wang wenbo

starting price: rmb 800,000

sale price: rmb 2,242,500

in the accompanying inscriptions, he guolin, who shared a deep friendship with the tang family, and had familial connections through marriage, wrote about the inkstone. the inscription he penned is precisely a segment of the inkstone inscription found on the lacquer box. preserved until today, this illustration constitutes a precious early qing-era record, offering subsequent generations valuable insights for study, reference, and authentication. the inkstone features an engraved seal underneath, serving as a crucial criterion for authenticating its status as the clogs-inkstone once owned by song emperor duanzong. it also represents a significant archaeological artifact for delving into the history of the song dynasty and the distinctive personal seals of the song emperors.

modern and contemporary oil paintings

the oil painting. modern and contemporary art session featured an impressive display of works by contemporary artists, with a dazzling array of stars including shang yang, wang jieyin, shi hu, zhou chunya, jia aili, chen ke, qin qi, song kun, ma ke, ouyang chun, zhu xinjian, ai xuan, and many others.

jia aili (b.1979)  desolation series

sale price: rmb 5,290,000

one standout during the preview was the artwork "desolation series" by jia aili, created in 2006, prominently displayed at the entrance of the exhibition hall. this piece reflects the artist's shift in contemplation from "masks" to "machines", beautifully capturing the mesmerizing allure of the surreal. it concluded with a remarkable transaction of 5.29 million yuan.

chen ke (b.1978) top life

sale price: rmb 3,220,000

as a representative of the post-70s generation of female artists, chen ke has drawn significant attention from both society and the art community for her distinctive style that seamlessly combines cartoons with classical elements, intertwining childlike innocence with a touch of melancholy. in the recent xiling yinshe autumn auction, chen ke's artwork "top life" achieved remarkable success, fetching a price of 3.22 million yuan.

su tianci (1922-2006)  begonia

sale price: rmb 1,380,000

among the veteran artists, transactions for works by lin fengmian, su tianci, wu guanzhong, guan liang, and others remained steady. notably, a refreshing and elegant piece titled "begonia" by su tianci, which has been featured in multiple publications and exhibitions and was provided by the artist's family, achieved a successful transaction at 1.38 million yuan, welcoming the arrival of the new spring.

comics, illustrations and cartoons

on the evening of the 22nd, the cartoons & illustrations by chinese master session featured a collection of masterpieces, drawing active participation from collectors. the works of pan jiezi, a master in meticulous and colorful figure paintings, created before the liberation, in the original works for the comic strip the peacock flies southeast, were particularly notable. each piece, meticulously rendered and embellished with seals, captured significant attention.

pan jiezi (1915-2002)  original works for the comic strip the peacock flies southeast

sale price: rmb 1,667,500

with an opening bid of 800,000 yuan, the artwork witnessed several rounds of spirited bidding from attendees, phone participants, and online bidders. ultimately, it reached a hammer price of 1.45 million yuan, closing with a total transaction value of 1.6675 million yuan. this reaffirms the adage: "in the world of collectibles, quality pieces will always command attention."

fine ancient books and ink rubbings

the fine ancient books and ink rubbings session of the autumn auction featured a total of 204 lots. the highlight in the ancient books section was the item [teikoji and ishiisekisuiken] zong jing lu (vol. 80)”, which achieved a transaction of 1.725 million yuan, claiming the top spot. this volume, containing the zong jing lu, is not only the first inclusion in the dazang canon but also the earliest surviving edition and engraving of this classic. moreover, the upper seal "nengren zen temple dazang" indicates its origin in the ancient temple jingshan temple (now jing shan temple in hangzhou), the leading temple of the southern song dynasty's "five mountains and ten temples".

[teikoji and ishiisekisuiken] zong jing lu (vol. 80)

sale price: rmb 1,725,000

moreover, there were noteworthy transactions for ancient books featuring renowned provenance, intriguing content, and rare editions. for instance, the ming-era engraved work "jiu shi (6 vols) and cha jing (3 vols) " achieved a successful transaction at 368,000 yuan, while a qing xianfeng edition of "mao yuan (2 vols)" was acquired for 253,000 yuan. in the category of stone inscriptions and stele rubbings, a collection of esteemed wei and sui epitaphs, including "dong mei ren mu zhi" from jiang zuyi's mysterious rhyme pavilion, attracted fervent bidding and secured a transaction value of 2.1275 million yuan, surpassing its initial price by more than double. another significant piece, "wu tian fa shen chen bei", also achieved a commendable transaction value of 2.2425 million yuan. the section dedicated to seal catalogs by renowned artists featured 21 catalogs, with 19 of them successfully transacted, demonstrating a remarkable transaction rate of over 90% and highlighting the enduring market stability and customer appeal in this segment.

[jiang zuyi] dong mei ren mu zhi, etc.

sale price: rmb 2,127,500


in this year's autumn auction, the porcelain collection took a strategic approach of "quality over quantity”, adhering to a professional and scholarly stance. delving into the nuanced preferences of collectors, two distinct sessions emerged: a scholarly journey in jiangnan: monochrome-glazed ceramics and chinese ceramics. together, they showcased a curated selection of over three hundred rare and exceptional pieces. the intention was to foster a dialogue between "ceramics for scholars" and the tradition of "ceramics crafted for the imperial court”, resonating well with the audience. the auction hall buzzed with enthusiasm as collectors actively engaged in bidding, culminating in a successful closure with a total transaction value approaching five million yuan. gratitude is extended to collectors worldwide for their unwavering support and fondness.

yongzheng period, qing dynasty  a guan-type vase with string pattern and ‘yongzheng' mark

sale price: rmb 2,990,000

in the session dedicated to chinese ceramics, we maintained a rigorous approach to assess the quality of the auction items. thoroughly examining aspects such as the physical characteristics, craftsmanship, utilitarian purposes, imperial kiln markings, and the stylistic details of decorations and paintings, we ensured a comprehensive evaluation. the featured piece of this session, a yongzheng period, qing dynasty guan-type vase with string pattern and ‘yongzheng' mark, emerged as the top-priced item in the auction. with an initial bid of 1.8 million yuan, and following multiple rounds of bidding across both online and offline platforms, it ultimately concluded at an impressive 2.99 million yuan. another notable item was the qianlong period, qing dynasty blue-and-white vase with phoenix and flower patterns and 'qianlong' mark, part of the imperial kiln's antique reproduction series, achieving a remarkable result of 1.955 million yuan and securing the second-highest price in the session.

qianlong period, qing dynasty  a blue-and-white vase with phoenix and flower patterns and 'qianlong' mark

sale price: rmb 1,955,000

in the spotlight of the a scholarly journey in jiangnan: monochrome-glazed ceramics segment, 60 exquisite items took center stage, amassing a remarkable total transaction value of 26.56 million yuan and achieving an impressive transaction rate of over 95%. this thematic focus, an integral part of xiling yinshe auction's regular ceramic auctions, has evolved to contemplate the broader and long-term developmental context of ceramics in the history of jiangnan artifacts.

within the monochrome-glazed ceramics category, featured items exhibited a rich diversity of unique shapes, with a central theme emphasizing the elevation and transformative qualities of celadon glazes. the intention was to engage viewers in appreciating the humanistic and cultural dimensions of these artifacts, actively constructing a language system that encapsulates the aesthetic allure of jiangnan glazes. during the preview period, a highly coveted ancient kiln masterpiece, the ‘longquan’ pale celadon censer with string pattern, not only captured the attention of avid collectors but also contributed to reshaping academic perspectives on kilns produced by the longquan kiln.

a 'longquan' pale celadon censer with string pattern

sale price: rmb 1,667,500

moreover, we witnessed a variety of privately held treasures making their mark. items from renowned literati and collectors like qin qingzen achieved remarkable results. as we strive to pioneer a new era in the artistic and humanistic essence of jiangnan ceramics, our commitment remains unwavering. we are dedicated to steering the industry toward high-quality development, ensuring stringent control over the caliber of porcelain entries. we eagerly anticipate continuing this journey with collectors, collectively scripting new chapters in the unfolding narrative of the southern art auction market for ceramics.

refined articles in the study

in the refined articles in the study section, the exhibition space exuded elegance during the preview period, meticulously presenting the ambiance of ancient literati spaces. the venue buzzed with attendees, drawn to the enchanting melodies of ancient qin music, the joyful chirping of insects and birds, and the captivating stone ornaments. visitors were captivated by the immersive experience, creating a lively and vibrant atmosphere.

the fine pieces were categorized into three sections: everlasting glory· refined articles in the study, guanyunju collection of scholar's cricket accessories, and study series· refined articles in the study. nearly 500 meticulously selected items, spanning various categories such as antiques, miscellaneous items, and scholarly artifacts, were featured. the collection boasted a rich array of treasures, and the high transaction rates in multiple sessions reflected the exceptional quality of the offerings.

in particular, the everlasting glory· refined articles in the study session achieved an impressive overall transaction rate of 96.15%. the guanyunju collection of scholar's cricket accessories session secured a perfect 100% transaction rate, making it the second successful white-glove session of the day.

the everlasting glory· refined articles in the study session, which kicked off earlier, demonstrated remarkable stability, especially in the categories of scholar's study utensils and courtly artifacts from significant collectors. the session provided a multi-dimensional exploration of the aesthetic appeal of study tools, ranging from those used by scholars to those employed in imperial courts. the auction featured carefully selected items from esteemed long-time collectors and antique dealers, and several items garnered high premiums, thanks to the generous support of passionate collectors.

in the realm of literati life, everyday objects gradually acquire deeper meanings beyond their practical and ceremonial functions. a notable highlight from this auction is a set of fan ribs with bamboo and cicada patterns painted by jin cheng and engraved by jin xiya, representing a significant piece of refined study artifacts from a private collection, achieving a remarkable transaction at 1,322,500 rmb. another noteworthy item is a zhongni-style guqin with 'wu dacheng' mark and collected by shen shoushan, which started at 350,000 rmb and concluded at 862,500 rmb.

the guanyunju collection of scholar's cricket accessories session shows the decades-long dedication of collectors. the cricket containers in this session primarily feature southern-style containers, distinct from the northern-style containers highlighted in the 2022 autumn auction -  autumn chirpings ∙ imperial cricket accessories collected by gong xinzhao, gao zhenxiao and gao shixiong session. this collection reflects the meticulous efforts of collectors with a passion for insect-related art, making it an invaluable selection for enthusiasts.

chinese buddhist art

the elegant and magnificent · chinese buddhist art session witnessed a vibrant gathering of enthusiasts, and the much-anticipated large-scale a bronze figure of maitreya of ming dynasty lived up to expectations, securing a transaction at an impressive 1,437,500 rmb. another standout piece, a lacquer figure of panchen lama from the imperial court of qing dynasty, represents a distinctive example of imperial court religious artistry. with exquisite craftsmanship, this panchen lama figure achieved a commendable result, concluding at 1,380,000 rmb after spirited bidding rounds. the artwork exudes a regal artistic aura, showcasing the distinct characteristics of kangxi imperial court sculptures from the qing dynasty.

qing dynasty  a lacquer figure of panchen lama from the imperial court

sale price: rmb 1,380,000

throughout the auction, collectors exhibited great enthusiasm for religious artifacts, and numerous items exceeded their estimated values, achieving high premiums. notably, a bronze censer with 'xuande' mark of qing dynasty " emerged as a surprise hit. initially listed at 28,000 rmb, the bidding competition both on-site and online drove its final price to an impressive 414,000 rmb, marking a premium nearly 15 times its starting value.

jade carvings

the jade carvings by ancient and contemporary chinese masters auction showed three segments: ancient jade artifacts, contemporary masterpieces in jade carving, and raw materials of hetian seed jade. xiling yinshe auction's jade department has delved deeply into jade culture, focusing on collecting jade artifacts from the ming and qing dynasties, as well as qing dynasty court pieces. many exquisite ancient jade pieces achieved impressive high premiums in this auction.

contemporary masterpieces in jade carving demonstrated stability, with the auction's highlight being a white jade figure of immortal crafted by chinese jade carving master zhang yonglai. with a starting bid of 1.6 million rmb, the piece eventually sold for 2,415,000 rmb after multiple competitive rounds of bidding, showcasing the high market recognition of masterpieces by renowned artists. since the introduction of the hetian seed jade special auction in the 2017 xiling spring auction, raw jade materials have consistently performed well in each auction, garnering significant market interest.

zhang yonglai (b. 1973) a white jade figure of immortal

sale price: rmb 2,415,000

the depiction of the wealth deity is majestic and imposing, exuding a powerful and dignified aura. the design of the artwork is grand and dynamic, showcasing a harmonious blend of sculpting techniques such as round carving, openwork carving, and intaglio carving. the overall three-dimensional effect of the artwork is skillfully brought out. the orderly and well-defined lines, along with the realistic rendering of the armor, create a splendid and intricate composition. the flowing tassels, surrounded by flames and a jewel cluster, add a touch of magnificence to the piece, leaving observers in awe.

paper money & coins

the chinese paper money & coins auction, marking the culmination of this autumn's auction season, has truly exceeded expectations, with a total transaction amount surpassing 34 million yuan.

one particular coin that generated substantial pre-auction buzz was a coin with 'tianxia taiping' mark from private tianjin collection of song-jin dynasty. during the preview, it became the focal point for media coverage and captured the attention of attending collectors. this large and meticulously crafted coin, featuring the theme of "tianxia taiping”, stands out as a rare masterpiece within the distinguished "tianxia taiping" series. with its impressive craftsmanship and generous proportions, it rightfully claims the title of a leading coin in this category. the final transaction price of 2.3 million yuan underscores its unparalleled collectible value, reaffirming its status as a true numismatic treasure.

song-jin dynasty  a coin with 'tianxia taiping' mark from private tianjin collection

sale price: rmb 2,300,000

a coin with dragon and phoenix patterns of five dynasties period from private tianjin collection, boasting a well-documented history and clear provenance, is a rare specimen from the southern han dynasty during the five dynasties and ten kingdoms period. this coin, originally cast under the name of liu yan but later renamed zhihe, is exceptionally scarce. with a distinguished lineage, it has been featured in authoritative publications such as zhong guo gu qian da ji and sequel of classical chinese charms. the final transaction saw this numismatic treasure change hands for an impressive sum of 1.84 million yuan.

furthermore, the auction also showcased a diverse array of modern coins, precious metal currency, and coins from the ming and qing dynasties, drawing considerable attention from passionate collectors and achieving noteworthy results in terms of transactions.

magnificent jewels

an icy jadeite, ruby and diamond necklace

sale price: rmb 22,655,000

in the oriental beauty: magnificent jewels auction, a rare and exquisite top-tier jadeite necklace captured the attention of all. jadeite of such quality not only serves as a visually pleasing artistic treasure but also stands as an exceptional investment with a high retention of value. consequently, it has consistently garnered affection and attention from collectors throughout history.

the art in life

the art in life: famous chinese wine, tonics, and western antique works of art session garnered significant attention, with the spotlight on the exceptional karuizawa whisky series. the 1981 vintage, karuizawa 35-year-old single malt whisky, showed its timeless allure, achieving a remarkable sale at 1.15 million rmb. another standout was the rare 1965 vintage, karuizawa 50-year-old single malt whisky in a limited edition bottle, which achieved a substantial sale at 977,500 rmb. these impressive results underscore the enduring appeal and collector's value of karuizawa whiskies.

karuizawa, 50-year-old single malt whisky 1965, limited edition

sale price: rmb 977,500

in the western antique works of art category, the meticulously crafted and artistically unique emerald and diamond pendant with mythological figure pattern in light relief captured the hearts of collectors both in the auction hall and beyond. after intense bidding, the pendant achieved a final sale price of 690,000 rmb.

meanwhile, the auction hall buzzed with excitement during successive bidding rounds for moutai and chinese tonics, bringing a sense of warmth to the winter auction scene.