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the 5th national auctioneer competition 'zhongpai cup' successfully held, our auctioneer excels!
time:2023/9/25   author:xlpm   source:xlpm  

from september 15th to 17th, the finals of the 5th national auctioneer competition, known as the "zhongpai cup," were held in beijing. the competition was organized by the china association of auctioneers and hosted by the auctioneers branch of the china association of auction industry.

huang xiaojian, the president of the china association of auctioneers, stated that auctioneers are not only the legal hosts of auction events but also invaluable human resources for the innovative development and service to society in the auction industry. they play a crucial role in china's talent strategy for the auction industry, known as the "1 1 3" talent strategy.

this competition, guided by the talent development strategy proposed at the 20th national congress of the communist party of china, adopted the theme of "new era, new skills, new dreams." it aimed to promote professionalism, showcase the professionalism of auctioneers, and inspire the new generation of auctioneers to excel in their profession, be dedicated to their work, and contribute their unique auction expertise to the comprehensive construction of a socialist modern country and the development of the modern circulation system.

auctioneer jiang jingyi from xiling yinshe auction was awarded the "silver hammer award" and the "best oratory award"


the 85 contestants who participated in the finals stood out from a pool of 15,000 registered auctioneers across the country. the judging panel consisted of experts and scholars from various fields, including auction practices, law, marketing, and broadcasting.

in addition to the gold hammer award, silver hammer award, and bronze hammer award, this year's competition also introduced awards such as "best popularity award," "best oratory award," "most personable award," and "best planning award," which were determined through live scoring and audience voting, among other methods.