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categories:focusing on jade carvings by contermporary masters, rough hetian seed jade, etc.

    in the 2009 fifth-anniversary celebration auction, xiling yinshe auction innovatively introduced the "contemporary jade carvings" special session. masterpieces from jade carving masters representing different styles, such as the shanghai school, suzhou school, and beijing school, garnered widespread attention. in the autumn auction of 2014, qiu qijing's work "pure land" achieved a record-breaking deal of rmb73.6 million, setting the highest auction record for contemporary chinese jade carving. in the spring auction of 2017, xiling yinshe auction presented the "rough hetan seed jade special session", focusing on tracing the origin of jade, and it received enthusiastic responses. this gradually solidified xiling yinshe auction's leading position in the promotion and trading of contemporary jade culture.

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