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categories:focusing on works of art in ming and qing dynasties, including jade, bamboo and lacquered carvings, ornament stones, censers, buddha figures, official ceramic wares, cloisonne enamel vessels, qin (chinese musical instrument), bronze vessels (with literatu

as an exemplary case of innovation, refined articles in the study has been widely recognized since its debut: the 1st chinese ornament stone in 2008 autumn sale and lu yanshao’s study stationary in 2009 spring sale accomplished great success. in the autumn sale of the same year, the 1st chinese writing brushes of ming and qing dynasties sale made it a highlight with 98.61% by lot. between 2010 and 2011, sales of incense tools, tea wares, qin, bamboo carvings of ming and qing dynasties all achieved remarkable amount of sale volume and attracted attention from academics. in 2012, we put on a trial of bronze vessels (with literature) and the results are satisfactory. meanwhile, the success of ceramic wares in collection of jingxiutang studio suggests that art works collected by celebrities open up new possibility for consignment.

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