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tianhuang stone, with its origin in shoushan, fuzhou, is famous for its vivid color, fine texture and gentle touch and praised as the emperor of stones. in 2011 autumn auction, our first tianhuang stone sale was 95.29% sold by lot with a total of over 86.6 million yuan, promising our very leading position in this area. also, a pair of tianhuang stone seals by wang ding were sold with 11.5 million yuan and a plain tianhuang stone seal 9.315 million yuan. in 2012 spring auction, a lightly carved tianhuang stone carving by lin shoukan was auctioned at 10.35 million yuan. in following sales, we do well in tianhuang stone due to its rarity and quality, e.g., 88.7% of tianhuang stones were sold in 2013 spring auction.

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