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categories:focusing on comics, illustrations and posters.

through a comprehensive review of the development of comics and the subdivision of collecting directions, xiling yinshe auction carefully selects various forms of comic works, including ink wash comics by renowned artists, original manuscripts of serialized comics, promotional posters, and more. the auction also features items that bear witness to the history of animation production, such as cels and original drawings from classic animations. works with historical and cultural significance have become hotspots for collectors.


as an innovative and distinctive category for xiling yinshe auction, the comics and illustrations session was first introduced in 2011. its societal impact, artistic value, and market influence have gradually increased. comics, as an independent art form, are gaining attention from collectors across various fields. xiling yinshe auction's comics and illustrations session not only enhances the market's awareness of this art form but also serves as a platform for communication, creating a positive atmosphere for people of all ages to participate throughout the year. comic art treasures childhood memories, reveals societal warmth and coldness, showcases the various facets of life, stimulates intellectual curiosity, and carries profound symbolism.


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